Ways To Get A Start In Racing

Ways To Get A Start In Racing

It frequently looks like auto racing is a sport that many want to achieve but few do. While it is true that there is a long and narrow road to becoming a professional racer, there are plenty of options for amateur enthusiasts to enjoy themselves on the track.

Racing With Your Own Car:

1. Autocross


Autocross is the perfect entry-level racing activity since it offers so many benefits. Simply bring your daily driving if you want to start without needing a specific vehicle. Sure, you'll need adjustments if you get the feel of it and want to start competing, but that won't stop you from getting your foot in the door. Another benefit is that an autocross circuit can be constructed almost anywhere, making participation cheap and it simple to locate a local organization that hosts autocross events. 

2. Advanced Driving School

Advanced Driving School

While you might believe you're a Speed Racer behind the wheel, chances are you still have some fundamentals to learn before you can safely push your car to the limit. Before you feel the need to increase your vehicle's horsepower or other attributes, develop the driving skills to make the most of what you already have.

3. Amateur Drag Racing

Every one of us has pushed the throttle down to see how quickly we can travel along an empty, wide length of road. Amateur drag racing evenings are a terrific way to test your talents and your vehicle and get plenty of adrenaline rushing because they provide both a safer environment in which to accomplish that as well as one that may provide you with competition and timing. Once more, you don't need a special car to start doing this; just use your regular one, and with a few safety precautions (check with your nearby track), you'll be chasing your next-best time in no time.

Check your nearby tracks for additional information on amateur drag racing.

4.  Drift Clinic

After a day of floating, your face will likely be perpetually covered in a smile. There are several drift clinics offered across the nation if you want to experience the thrill of Formula Drift for yourself. These will provide you with expert guidance to improve your sliding; just remember to bring your own RWD vehicle (and another set of wheels is recommended). 

5. Track Days

track days

There's probably a track nearby that has special track days when you can drive your own car, whether road racing, circle track, or other track activities are your thing. Ask your local track about the local organizations to get in touch with to find events that are open to all drivers and vehicles. 

Building A Car To Race With:

6. 24 Hours of LeMONS

24 Hours of LeMONS is a statewide series of endurance races for automobiles that cost $500 or less. It is a parody of the well-known endurance race (before safety equipment that is). This is a fantastic chance to get your friends together, see how inexpensively you can put together a car, and go racing to your heart's content with lots of fun and shenanigans added in!

7. Go Karts

go karts

These aren't the go-karts you'd find at the neighborhood mini-golf course. With a considerably easier introduction than higher-level racing, kart racing offers a lot of the thrill of "real" racing as well as a way to hone your talents. You can seek out nearby professional karting courses to get a taste if you're not quite ready to own your cart yet. 

8. Rally Racing

rally racing

Do you think it would be fun to race down back roads on dirt, pavement, mud, gravel, and more? Even the most novice rally races can be started in your car, but you might not want to take the chance. However, you may start out by purchasing a less expensive late-model automobile, making a few modifications, and driving. Although it costs a lot of money and expertise to be successful, there are many amateur rally chances across the nation. Participate, learn new skills, and experience the excitement of rally racing! 

9. Demolition Derby

demolition derby

You'll be set to go if you buy the hardest car you can find, make sure it won't overheat and install a ton of safety measures. There is no greater rush than colliding with other cars. Make sure you enjoy spending time in the garage before starting this project because these cars can take months to build and the event lasts for only a few minutes. 

Visit the Nationwide Demolition Derby or the fair promoters in your area for more information on the demolition derby.

10. Land Speed Racing

land speed racing

Many people locate a class with a reachable fastest lap and decide to construct anything to try and break the record, even if the majority of land speed motorsports endeavors wouldn't exactly be labeled "amateur." There are hundreds of car/engine divisions with far lower speeds where innovation can be utilized; you don't need a million-dollar spool valve to attempt a 300+ mph record. 


While not everyone has the financial means to support a "gentleman" racer's team or become a professional athletic car driver, entry-level racing options are many. Although you are unlikely to become famous or wealthy, the experience will undoubtedly bring you many happy memories, friends, and moments.



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